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Our Services


At Viva Psychology, we are committed to delivering high-quality mental health support to our clients. Whether you need counselling, therapy, or guidance through overcoming a traumatic experience, your well-being and safety is the focus. 

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Individual Therapy

(Young adults and adults)


Individual therapy sessions at Viva Psychology typically last 50 to 60 minutes, ensuring ample time for quality care and guidance. Our sessions are thoughtfully designed to support you in developing new perspectives and attitudes toward life's challenges. Utilizing a range of therapeutic approaches, we work collaboratively to help you achieve your goals and foster positive growth.

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ADHD Assessment

ADHD psychological assessment is a comprehensive evaluation process designed to understand and diagnose Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This assessment typically involves gathering information from multiple sources, including interviews, behavioral observations, and standardized rating scales. It aims to assess attention span, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and other related symptoms, while also considering potential co-existing conditions. Through this process, psychologists can provide a clear diagnosis, and develop tailored treatment plans to support individuals in managing their ADHD symptoms effectively.

Fees & Medicare
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Fees & Medicare


50 min individual session AU$210.00 

Medicare rebate for eligible clients 96.65 per session

Mental Health Care Plan

If you wish to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), these are issued by a General Practitioner (GP). This plan allows you to obtain a Medicare rebate for 10 psychological sessions in a calendar year via Better Access Services. Please book a long consultation with your GP as completion of the plan can take 30-45 minutes. Clients are encouraged to register for the Medicare Safety Net to obtain higher Medicare rebates after the safety net is reached. Medicare rebates can be obtained for face-to-face, phone or video sessions.

Eating Disorder Treatment Pathway

The Eating Disorder Treatment Pathway offers people an option to be referred under an Eating Disorder Care Plan (EDP) for a total of 40 sessions per calendar year. The Medicare rebate in this case is the same amount as the Mental health Care plan rebate. This type of referral is offered to people who have an eating disorder, who meet specific criteria, and who wish to engage in psychological treatment to directly target the eating disorder. The psychologist also needs to provide specific evidence-based treatment approaches based on the criteria for this referral pathway. Please speak with your psychologist to check if they can accept this type of referral and then visit your GP to check if you are eligible. 

Chronic Disease Management Plan

The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral (previously called EPC) is a referral option for people who experience a chronic medical condition or complex medical care needs for a minimum of 6 months. It provides a Medicare rebate for 5 sessions with an allied health professional. Please check the eligibility criteria with your GP.

Workcover QLD

Clients under Workcover will have a claim# that allows them to obtain 5 pre-approved sessions with a psychologist, under early intervention. 

If it is identified that more sessions are necessary, the psychologist will liaise with the client’s workcover case manager for more approval. 

Private Health

Please check with your private health fund as they may offer rebates for Psychological Services 

under ‘Extras’ – these will differ based on your individual private health. In this case, the client will liaise directly with the private health in order to submit claims. 

Victim Assist QLD


Please check with your Psychologist about the possibility of starting treatment under VAQ as if differs from client to client.

Work Cover & VSQ
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